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September 9, 2018  

Heaven Now

October 14, 2018  
November 11, 2018  

03 - Heaven to come - Part 2

  1. The essence of Heaven - the presence of God
  2. The activity of Heaven- unhindered worship
  3. The experience of Heaven- eternal satisfaction
  4. What else?
    1. Different but familiar
    2. Perfect rest
    3. Fulfilling work
    4. Community
    5. Rewards
  5. What difference does this make today?
    1. Our interest in holiness
    2. Our commitment to faithful service
December 9, 2018  

04 - Hell

  1. Hell is a basic biblical truth

  2. What does the bible tell us about hell?
    1. A place of eternal punishment
    2. A place of eternal banishment and disintegration
    3. A place ruled by God - for God's Glory
  3. Won't hell spoil heaven?
    1. Unconverted friends and loved ones will not be loved ones any more
    2. In heaven we will fully share God's perspective
  4. What does Hell teach us?
    1. God is holy and sin is serious
    2. Jesus is Lord - we are not more loving than Jesus. We don't apologise for His teaching.
    3. God is loving. The Father sent the Son to save us from hell
    4. God's people are immeasurably blessed